Also known as the Galapagos Albatross, this is the largest bird in the Islands. In average it is about 90 cm. tall and has a wingspan that can measure up to 2 1/2 meters. This beautiful bird has a yellow beak, light yellow head, white throat and chestnut feathers on its wings.

galapagos albatross
Waved albatross courtship dance

The mating ritual of the Waved Albatross is one of the most interesting courtship dances in the animal kingdom. They move their bill in circles, clash it together softly as they nod their heads and waddle from side to side, finally they let out a cow-like moo!

It is a complex sequence of movements, specially for new breeding couples. All good things come with effort, these birds breed for life with a single mate.

This unique display of feathery love can be observed only on Española Island, between April and December. The path to the mating grounds starts at Punta Suarez landing point and is about 1.6 km in length, it is an easy 2 hour walk. Cruises to Española Island are usually part of the Southern Islands itinerary.

Nesting albatross
Albatross nesting

One of the best gliders and an amazing flyer, this large bird is quite clumsy on the ground. It is fun to watch them on the “runway” by the end of the Punta Suarez path, they waddle towards the cliff take a leap of faith and give the impression of plummeting into the rocks below as they finally glide elegantly into the horizon. A spectacular display of natural behavior that should not be missed!