It has become very popular to create wildlife lists to tick off when visiting a famous nature oriented destination.

Big five in Africa or a birdlist in the Amazon. So what is the ultimate wildlife list for the Galapagos Islands?

We have come up with a simple list of 5 species that are iconic to the
Galapagos Islands:

Giant Tortoise

Flightless Cormorant


Marine Iguana


Waved Albatross


Blue Footed Booby


These animals are icons of the isles of fire and true simbols of evolution. Other species you can add to your list in Galapagos are:

Whale shark
Frigate Bird
Lava lizard
Red footed booby
Masked booby
Galapagos Penguin
Darwin finch
Land Iguana
Hammer head shark
Galapagos fur seal

All of the above species are spread out through the archipelago, you can contact a Galapagos travel planner at Latin Trails to help you pick the right itinerary based on your animal sighting preferences.