fts-22The Islands are named after the tortoises. Galapagos is an old Spanish Word for “saddle” and several of the species, especially on the low-lying islands, have carapaces (shells) shaped very much like a Spanish saddle when the Charles Darwin visited the island 1835 the Vice Governor, and Englishman by the name of Lawson, told him that he was able to tell which island a tortoise came from by the shape of its shell. This is largely true was a factor that helped Darwin in developing this theory of evolution. The Galapagos tortoise populations are a good example of adaptive radiation.
The tortoise can be divided into two groups:

The saddleback tortoise, which live on generally low islands, Pinta, Pinzon and Española.
The Dome-shaped tortoise, wich live on the larger islands in higher altitude areas where there is an extensive moist area.